White Papers

Download data-driven, real-world, explanatory white papers and case studies from Symbol Health Solutions 

Eliminating Copays
Decreases Healthcare Costs

Wait, did you read that right? Yes. Yes, you did. Contrary to popular belief, instating copays at onsite clinics is a disincentive that is damaging to clinic utilization, and subsequently, damaging to the health of the workforce.

Symbol Helps HR
Stop and Smell the Roses

Developing unique and creative employee wellness programs every single year oftentimes becomes burdensome for Human Resources teams. Download this white paper to learn how Symbol can help control the chaos & serve as your co-captain as you champion your organization’s employee benefits management.¬†

Diabetics Using Symbol CareClinic services Save Employers $400,000

Symbol’s data-driven care protects employers from explosive healthcare costs stemming from uncontrolled chronic diseases. In 2018, Symbol was able to yield an average savings of over $5,000 per member per year by targeting a single chronic condition in a single patient population. This real-life Symbol CareClinic sponsor saw a total savings of over $400,000 in 2018 alone. How’d they do it?

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