Health is our middle name. 
Discover the cycle of Comprehensive Patient-Centered Care at Symbol Health Solutions.

Our shared-risk model achieves better outcomes through integrated population health management. Through collaboration with our dedicated local team of healthcare professionals, Symbol is committed to providing best-in-class comprehensive care. Because we aren’t motivated by insurance reimbursements or patient payment capacity, Symbol focuses on better outcomes.

Here's how Symbol serves patients first:

Health is our middle name

Patient-Centered Care starts with baseline information-gathering, acute interventional treatment, sustained monitoring, and personalized planning to prevent future adverse events. Discover more about Symbol's comprehensive, data-driven approach to patient-centered care.
Comprehensive Care Model

Complete Confidentiality

Our shared-risk model empowers employers to engage their workforce by sponsoring convenient wellness tools and personal support. Symbol embraces patient privacy and HIPAA compliance by providing a secure health and wellness center and never sharing patient-specific data with employers.

Access to high-quality healthcare doesn’t have to be complex or confusing.

Our goal is to simplify and redefine the healthcare landscape for employers by providing accessible, affordable solutions that consistently provide exceptional care of their employees. We have therefore statistically proven that realigning whole workforce attention on each patient’s individualized core health helps them achieve optimal personal and professional success.
At Symbol, we believe we’re not only reaching our goal of redefining healthcare today, we are truly reimagining the culture of wellness in the workplace – one employee at a time.