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Curb the 5.8% health cost increase

Private health insurance spending grew 5.8% to $1,211.4 billion in 2021 according to CMS. Most employers feel the sting of these health cost increases every year, and as a result, will either decrease benefits, adjust copays, or increase employee contributions to offset growing expenditures.

With Symbol Health, self-funded employers don’t have to go to these extremes to be able to provide an affordable health plan for their employees and their families through onsite clinics. Symbol has an integrated health and wellness solutions to significantly reduce this trend both in the short- and long-term.

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Healthier workforces and bottom lines with shared financial risk, in-depth reporting and exceptionally personalized service at an onsite clinic


Convenient, low-to-no cost, personalized healthcare and coaching with little to no wait time – whether on campus at work, nearby, by phone or online


Resources and personal support to boost your employee benefits strategies while reducing clients’ healthcare costs through onsite clinic management

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