Comprehensive Patient-Centered Care Cycle

Step #1:


Onsite Laboratory Testing

Symbol’s comprehensive care stems from clinical assessments of workforce population health. From pre-employment screenings to workplace injuries and ongoing health assessments, Symbol providers establish benchmarks and identify risk factors that will directly impact tailored treatment or maintenance plans.

Savvy Human Resources personnel know that employee health screening offer lasting benefits to their workforce.

Symbol Clinics accommodate the following assessment services: 

Patient Evaluation

  • Full Annual Physical Evaluations
  • Well Woman & Man’s Visits
  • Comprehensive Patient Profile using amalgamated patient claims data
  • School & Physicals
  • Nutrition & Exercise Habits

Biometric Screening Health Risk Assessment

  • Biometric Screening (body composition, blood glucose, triglyceride, cholesterol, Body Mass Index, ASCVD Risk calculation)
  • Individual Health Risk Marker Identification
  • Tobacco & Drug Use

Pre-Employment Screening

  • Pre-Employment Physical
  • Drug Screening (DOT)
  • Work-Specific Testing Requirements (hearing, vision, weight lifting)
  • Onsite Rapid Laboratory Testing, with Same-Day Results
  • Full-Service Lab Testing Available

Occupational Health

  • Injury-Related Drug Screenings
  • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Testing
  • Investigation of Workers’ Compensation Claim
  • Fit for Work Examination
  • Injury Prevention Programs

Claims Analytics

  • Prospective or existing clients supply Symbol Client Services with the most current healthcare claims data
  • Client Services and Data Analysts review and annotate trends
  • Data is compared to Symbol’s third-party healthcare analytics tools
  • Proactive health management is targeted to specifically address unique population gaps in care

Data Analytics

  • Health Insurance Claim Data Analysis
  • Predictive Healthcare Data Measurement
  • High Risk/High Cost Patient Pinpointing
  • Identify Gaps in Care
  • Forecasting Risk & Developing New Strategies
  • Individual Utilization & Cost Trending

Comprehensive Patient-Centered Care Cycle

Step #2:


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