Occupational Health

New employee, DOT compliance examinations, drug and alcohol screenings – PLUS injury mitigation and prevention services for self-funded employers.

Featured Occupational Services

Physical Examinations

DOT Physicals, Pre-Employment Physicals, Sports/School Physicals, Police/Fire/Captain Physicals, Fit-for-Duty Physicals, Audiogram/Hearing Conservation Physicals

Urine & Hair Drug Screens

DOT (5-panel urine), MRO DOT, DOT Look Alike (5-panel + expanded opiates), 5-panel (urine & hair), 7-panel hair, 9-panel (urine & hair), 10-panel urine, 12-panel (urine & hair), 13-panel urine, 14-panel hair, Instant/Rapid Urine (all panels), and MRO positives only drug testing

Evidential Breath Test

Non-DOT EBT Screen Breathalyzer (BAT), DOT EBT Screen (BAT)

Injury Mitigation & Prevention

Nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses account for an average of 9 days away from work. Symbol helps organizations curb the trend through a culture shift program. Symbol’s supplemental Injury Mitigation and Prevention Program helps achieve the following goals:



Decrease OSHA incidents within first 24 hrs.

Minor injuries triage clinic (Athletic First Aid)

Prompt return to work

Culture of


Plans & Procedures

Whole workplace engagement

Make prevention a habit

Prevent Future


Make great hires

Worksite ergonomics

Educate the workforce

Fun, realistic exercises

Train the Trainers



Improved morale

Sustained good health & wellness

Attract & retain top talent

Injury Mitigation & Prevention Program Strategies

Symbol’s program implementation is constructed in a methodical, four-phased approach beginning with industrial analysis, program activation, managerial buy-in, and ongoing monitoring. Program strategies include:


Post-offer, pre-employment screens, worksite assessment, line manager injury protocols analysis, prevention education


Reduce recordables through effective management of minor injuries resulting in timely return to work


IF NEEDED, Symbol coordinates prompt referral to an occupational medicine and/or specialty M.D.


Post-injury management of occupational health patients includes teaching realistic and relevant preventional exercises

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