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Where comprehensive care meets personalized service.
Symbol is here to serve through screening, episodic, disease management and preventative health – sharing in the risk to establish and maintain onsite, near-site or shared Symbol Clinics.

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Expedient Excellence

It is clear from the moment you walk through the door that something is quite different here. Our onsite medical facilities are carefully staffed with dedicated professionals fully committed to providing you best-in-class comprehensive care and total wellness solutions. 

Symbol Clinics are wellness centers offering a full range of primary care services, onsite laboratory and diagnostics, onsite medication dispensing, and more. Less time traveling to and from work is a benefit to both the patient and the employer, therefore, circumventing the specialty or outpatient costs typically associated with most employer healthcare plans. 

Most Clinic visits are under 20 minutes, so patients are in, out, and back to being well enough for work with expediency.  

Tailored Treatment

Patient-Centered Care means that patient-provider relationships come first. Building trust with Symbol providers may begin with addressing urgent non-emergency or episodic issues, but ideally, well patients will have genuinely caring conversations to establish patient-specific health goals, identify unique risks, establish a realistic health management strategy, and monitor individual patient progress.

The personal guidance and support Symbol patients receive leads whole workforces to become more self-aware, more motivated to make better health and lifestyle choices, and more satisfied with their employer for actively enabling better overall health.

Welcoming Wellness Centers

Our superior health and wellness center experience starts from the moment a patient walks into a Symbol Clinic. From our hallmark fish tank to our original, locally crafted artwork, Symbol Clinics are clean, calming spaces for professional primary care.

Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments ensure that patients have little-to-no wait time in our “waiting” rooms. In fact – that’s why we call them Welcome Rooms, instead. Because Clinic providers have ready-access to patient electronic health records and health management logs, they are more informed about patient histories, individual health goals, health management progress, and can spend more quality time helping get patients back to work sooner.

Painless Patient Accountability

Holding employees accountable for their own health is crucial to the success of an employer-sponsored health and wellness center. Therefore, Symbol makes it easy for our patients to:

  • Pick up zero copay medications right at the clinic
  • Schedule appointments in person, phone or email
  • Remember appointments with automated reminder calls
  • Patient Portal online access to individual clinic records and history
  • Communicate with Symbol providers via secure, HIPAA-compliant Patient Portal-protected email
  • Never stop learning meaningful ways to sustain better health