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Employers across the U.S. lose $36.4 billion each year due to employee absences. Increasing healthcare costs, workers’ compensation claims, and worker productivity decreases due to poor health have led businesses to examine strategies to improve employee health and contain health costs largely driven by chronic diseases.

Symbol Health Solutions presents case studies to prove that self-funded employers who turn to Symbol for expert guidance understand the role they play in creating a healthy and safe work environment. Symbol clients provide their employees with opportunities to make sustainably healthier lifestyle choices over time through Symbol’s comprehensive approach to care that combats the effects of chronic diseases on their employees and businesses.

Workplace health management programs with accessible onsite or near-site clinics not only benefit individual employees – they make sound business sense. Here’s how:

On-the-Clock Healthcare

Symbol the Time Saver

Clinic use v. ER and Urgent Care

Employee Wellness Programming

Police Department Engagement

Health Challenge Case Study

Symbol Weight Management Programming

Statewide Health Programming

Scale Back Alabama Case Study

Healthy Holidays Employee Engagement

Healthy Holidays

Patient Engagement Case Study