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Self-Funded Health Plans

“With the Symbol clinic…net net net to employee, it’s still much cheaper than being fully funded…and we have such better service with Symbol…” ~ Commissioner Tucker Dorsey

“From an accounting standpoint, the wellness matters…[we can] help our employees over the long term be healthier, which is great for everybody and their family and certainly for the county system in order to have good production.” ~ Commissioner Tucker Dorsey

“As an organization, [Baldwin County is] ahead of the curve…By having a near-site clinic such as Symbol…, you’re going to only further reduce those cost…The wellness tier [of premiums will]…drive employees to start doing those things to get them healthier earlier so you’re not paying those huge catastrophic claims later.”  ~ Cobbs Allen

“We flattened out the trend line. We were seeing…double-digit increases… from Blue Cross Blue Shield…so we wanted to stabilize that as much as possible and we’ve done that.” ~ Commissioner Chris Elliot

Baldwin County Commission Case Study
Footage from September 4, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Supportive Sponsors

“…a scheduler (at Southland Tube, Inc.) who works in the office has been feeling ill all week and finally went to see [a Symbol Clinic provider] in the clinic yesterday. She detected some real serious issues and wrote some notes for him to give to the emergency room. ... The heart specialist said he had a 90% blockage and was within a hair of having a major coronary. Knowing this guy, he would have never gone to the doctor and would have been carried out of here on a 911 call. We made it easy for him with the clinic.”

Tom Claude

Vice President Human Resources Southland Tube, Inc.
“Partnering with Symbol ensures that we are able to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective care to our most valuable company asset, our employees. Creating a culture of health and wellness in the workplace is a clear priority for us, which is why our clinic provides quality healthcare and prescription medications onsite, year-round, on your schedule, and at no cost to you, your spouse, or dependents.”

Mitchell Grocery Corp.

Company Facebook Page, Feb. 18, 2018.

Pleased Patients

“I am a loyal participant of the health coaching program...I can say without a doubt that the group at Symbol have added years to my life and increased the quality of my life. [My] Health Coach...was a huge part of me becoming nicotine free.“

Terry Carlisle

City of Orange Beach
“Don’t wait if there is a health condition you are afraid to work on you can come to Symbol and feel confident you will be given all the help you need. Got to thank [my employer] for bringing the Clinic to us. I know it is paying off in healthier, happy employees.”

Employee Patient

Mobile, Alabama
“I wanted...to share with you the positive results I attained under the guidance of the Symbol Health Solutions program… A 40+ pound weight loss is one thing, but feeling good about yourself every day means much more to me. Words of encouragement from my personal health coach…kept me motivated.”

Supervisor Patient

Theodore, Alabama
“‪Amazing group of caring people! They provide the best care and level of attention you can find. They genuinely care about their patients! Blessed that this is available to our family.‬”‬‬‬

Employee Patient

Albertville, Alabama

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