Onsite Dispensary of Pre-Packaged, Generic, Non-Controlled


Taking medication as prescribed leads to better long-term health

Copays and deductibles are a burden on employees. Ensure plan members get the proper treatment or medical supplies for their unique health condition by partnering with Symbol Health. 

Symbol Clinics make lower-cost generic forms of commonly prescribed non-controlled medicines and supplies available onsite, on the clock & at little to NO COST for established patients.

Onsite Medication Dispensing

Increase Accessibility to

Better Medicine

Be Our Patient

Before Symbol medical professionals can prescribe anything, patients must be established with our Clinic first. We often fill preexisting prescriptions too, but our medical providers must first physically examine every patient before filling a prescription ordered by another provider.

Come to Symbol

Symbol Clinics only dispense non-controlled medications. We do not carry narcotics onsite, nor do we prescribe them. We do, however, dispense the most commonly-prescribed over-the-counter, generic medicines, and brand-name insulins to our established patients.

Request a Refill

Once established with Symbol Health Solutions, we encourage patients to call the Clinic to request Symbol Health medication refills and schedule an appointment to safely and conveniently pick them up. Requests can also be made through our secure online Patient Portal.