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Confidential personal health coaching on campus and on the clock  motivates changes in individual workers that reduce risk of chronic conditions that cost employers long-term.

Symbol Health Coaches consult with patients in a completely private, judgment-free, one-on-one basis to design realistic strategies to capitalize on existing medical therapies by empowering healthier lifestyles. 

It all starts with biometric screening to get a baseline read on patient health today so Coaches can help them work toward an even healthier tomorrow. 


Devise targeted health plans to lower risks associated with hypertension, diabetes, tobacco use, stress & more.


Walking, running, biking. Coaches motivate physical activity that suits patients' interests and health needs.


Ongoing fitness challenges, competitions, onsite Lunch & Learns, patient e-education, and social interaction.

Featured Coaching Tracks

Weight Management

Symbol works with patients to establish realistic goals that help building the fittest, healthiest body you can. This track not only shapes you up, but instructs and informs patients about safe methods of working out, adhering to nutritional guidelines, and encourages ongoing weigh-ins to hold patients accountable and keep them motivated to sustain positive progress.

Download a 130lb Weight Loss Case Study

Tobacco Cessation

Coaches help participants quit smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco – moving beyond the scientific facts of why they should quit to bring actionable steps to kick the habit. Often in combination with a Symbol medical professional’s prescription for cessation aids, Symbol Health Coaches help participants deal with cravings and slip-ups while holding them accountable to their ultimate goal to quit.

Learn About the Symbol Tobacco Cessation Program

Diabetes Management

Building upon a medical provider’s explanation of the disease, a Symbol Health Coach brings greater awareness to blood sugar monitoring, controlling medications, increasing water intake, planning and preparing healthy meals, and managing sick days. 

Learn About the Symbol Diabetes Management Program

Dyslypidemia Management

Coaches help participants understand the role of blood lipids (fats) in the body and help them design a progressive plan to eat right, exercise more, and incorporate their unique healthy lifestyle plans into their everyday social lives. 

Download Sample Hyperlipidemia Coaching Handout

What Our Participants say

I am a loyal participant of the health coaching program. I come in for advice and motivation year round. I’ve learned so much about my health and ways to improve it. I can say without a doubt that the group at Symbol have added years to my life and increased the quality of my life. [My] health coach...was a huge part of me becoming nicotine free.

Terry Carlisle of Orange Beach, AL

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the positive results I attained under the guidance of the Symbol Health Solutions program… A 40+ pound weight loss is one thing, but feeling good about yourself every day means much more to me. Words of encouragement from my personal health coach…kept me motivated.

Supervisor Patient of Theodore, AL

Personalize Your Wellness Programs

Even if you have an existing "wellness program" at your company, consider an audit from a Symbol Health Coach to see how your plans could be incrementally more strategic in their address of the most costly chronic conditions across your workforce.

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