Cost Containment

Investing in prevention and disease management today saves lives and money tomorrow.

Sharing in the limited financial risk of establishing a comprehensive healthcare program within cost-effective onsite clinics is what sets Symbol apart.

117 million


117 million

Almost half of the U.S. workforce has one or more chronic health condition, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes or obesity. ~Preventing Chronic Disease

$1.65 trillion


$1.65 trillion

Chronic illnesses account for 75% of the $2.2 trillion we spend on healthcare each year in the U.S. ~Center for Disease Control and Prevention

$6 trillion


$6 trillion

The annual economic impact on the U.S. of just 7 of the most common chronic diseases is estimated to be $1.3 trillion, but is projected to be closer to $6 trillion by the year 2050. ~Milken Institute

How bad is the problem?

If you’ve seen your healthcare expenditures rising, you’re not alone. Symbol has intervened for clients who have expired countless efforts to try and reduce health plan expenditures. None of these tactics work to contain cost, however, because they don’t address the root of these health costs: habitually poor health.

According to published trends, less than 20% of patients are successful in diet and exercise change, 30% never fill their prescriptions, and 50% of chronic disease medications aren’t taken after a month of prescribing.

The Employer’s Burden

To reduce the human and economic cost of chronic disease, employers must reevaluate their employee health benefits programs.

The traditional reaction to ballooning health insurance claims is to reduce employee benefits, adjust copays or coinsurances, or place additional burden on staff to up their copays year after year. Not ideal.

HR experts may spend a great deal of time and effort trying to beef up their internal promotion efforts to inspire healthier lifestyles, coordinate company-wide health fairs, or develop incentive plans to motivate at-risk employees to stay healthy enough to keep away from the hospital. Not easy.

What's the Solution?

Symbol breaks the cycle by offering employers an alternative that can yield short-term, mid-term, and long-term ROI. Our “mutual medicine” model of shared risk means that both Symbol Health and our Clinic sponsors invest mutually in the shared vision of quality, cost-effective healthcare.

With Symbol at the helm, employers can rely on our caring professionals to:

  • Encourage patients to get their low-cost medications onsite rather than mail order expensive brand-name prescriptions elsewhere
  • Analyze patient-specific healthcare data to identify risks and gaps in care
  • Motivate patients to adhere to tailored, feasible wellness plans
  • Routinely monitor compliance through follow-up health coaching sessions

Improving access to high quality care for chronic diseases and the lifestyle choices that exacerbate them can be achieved through Symbol Health Solutions.

our power is in our partnership

Short-Term Solutions

Improved employee productivity • Decreased absenteeism & decreased presenteeism • Turn-key employee education & wellness program support • Decreased disability / workers’ compensation claims • Occupational health administrative support

Mid-Term Results

Better recruitment value propositions • Reduced workforce turnover • Increased retention of valued, healthier employees • Reduced healthcare costs through reduced prevalence of chronic health conditions

Long-Term Value

Increased employee morale & teamwork in a renewed corporate culture of wellness • Optimized employee engagement & satisfaction • Improved overall company growth • Improved health risk assessment data for future workforce populations

Symbol is the Solution

Partnering with Symbol yields greater savings for employers, employee patients and their families as the result of data analytics that drive results-oriented, patient-centered care. It’s a serious partnership: sharing in the minimal financial investment to maintain a comprehensive healthcare program.

Employer Savings

Keeping employees out of the hospital is just the beginning. Long-term workforce health leads to greater productivity and retention.

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Patient Savings

Making quality healthcare convenient and free of additional cost to employees motivates choices with positive outcomes.

Actionable Analytics

Assessing individual patient health risks is a great start. Predictive modeling and monitoring ensures long-term workforce wellness.

over 12.5% Savings

That’s the average savings* Symbol Clinic employer sponsors saw in the first half of 2019.

How much could your organization save with Symbol?

*Symbol Health Solutions aggregate client savings data as of June 2019, adjusted for shock claims.